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People Centered Information Technology Solutions

Critical to the successful development of your systems, is the robust Analysis and documentation of the Business Requirements that we undertake. Our Systems Analysts will full analyze the available technology, documentation, policies and the people whom the system is being designed for prior to development of the solution.

We build solutions that are responsive to the business challenges. The technology works for your business in a competitive and efficient manner.

Our Philosophy is premised on a rigorous methodology of:

Analysis - Design - Development - Testing - User Acceptance Testing - Deployment


Information Technology Services at your finger tips!

Software Development








Fast and responsive web applications for corporate, private and public sector.

Project Management

Skilled and Qualified Project Management Professionals in Prince 2 and PMBOK

Desktop & Infrastructure Support

24/7 Skilled staff for support and maintenance of computer of computers and data centers.

Mobile App Dev

Responsive and Dynamic Mobile Apps in iOS & Android


We've Come a Long Way

Our History

LeveragePoint is a Botswana based Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company. It was founded by two ICT professional who have collaborated on a number of project. The company has grown to have five (5) dedicated ICT professionals. LeveragePoint has collaborated with a number of key experts from all over the world in delivering medium to large projects. The name “LeveragePoint”, is centered on the believe that technology is the center point for all organizations in the 21st century.  It is a name remarkable when you comparing it to most other conventional IT service company names!

Leverage Point has a significant network of professional throughout the world that have been roped into various projects depending on their complexity and resource requirements. These professionals consist of a global presence with the capability and availability to support your IT organizations business excellence initiatives.


Our Products


Developed for Private Clinics and Dentist. Offers a comprehensive Patient Management, Billing, Inventory, Stock Control. System offers a dashboard and reporting module that is compliant with international health standards.

Contract Management System

System is developed for management, tracking and electronic storage of documents. Reduce paperwork and increase efficiency in movement of documents through a workflow system. define your classification scheme, retention and security levels for each document. Archiving is possible in line with each organization's retention schedule.

Employee Self Service

Automate your leave, travel, claims processes in your organization through a workflow system. reduce the paperwork and improve on information management process through a workflow system.

Customer Relationship Management

System allows for management of your immediate and prospective customers in an automated and centralized platform. Be in touch with your customers at the click of a button. Enhance your communication, billing and invoicing processes.


What People are Saying

Our Client's Experience

The team provides dedicated services that has surpassed our organizational needs

Leverage Point has provided us with a seamless and integrated workflow system that has assisted us to be more in control of our processes and be more efficient

The technology is simple and easy to utilize. we developed our workflow systems and the staff is happy with the systems.

Dr L Phapane,

Marang Dental Care

Raymond Mpofu

Maggie Stalk